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Hire better candidates faster.

Take a data driven approach to hiring

Market Report

Follow the companies or jobs you care about to get notifications around hiring surges, salary expectations and more.

Salary Benchmarking

Toby is constantly collecting data from the public web so that you know what the going rate for a front-end developer, data scientist or sales manager is in any location.

White Label

Toby is built for you, white label our solution to use as an internal product built for you and your team.

Key Features

How does Toby help HR profesionals?

Worldwide Hiring Data

All the real-time hiring Intelligence you need at your finger tips

Analytics to help you understand the market, post competitive job ads and find the right candidates.

Company Profiles

Historical and Live Hiring Data & Insights on over 30 Million Companies

Job Insights

Insights and Trends on all Live and Historical Job Ads.


Top Candidate Predictions

Toby can help you find the best candidates for your live job roles by analyzing the hiring market, talent pools and historic trends to recommend candidates who are likely interested and qualified for your role.

API Powered

Integrate into your favourite tools

Uncover the power of using real-time hiring intelligence data wherever you like with our API


Generate job market and company reports in seconds.

Search for a job title or company and toby will give you instant information around hiring trends, salary ranges, talent pools and top candidates broken down by country segments that can be exported automatically into a presentation to share with your clients or team.

Hire better and faster with real-time data insights

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Information on the worlds top companies

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