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Hire better with Toby

Empower your hiring decisions with Toby’s comprehensive AI powered data analysis. From predicting the right candidates to tracking market trends, Toby ensures you always make the informed choice.

Candidate Predictions

Leverage Toby's talent intelligence to predict ideal candidates using vast hiring data and market trends. Ensure perfect hires every time.

Talent Intelligence

Tap into Toby's deep insights on hiring trends, salary data, and diversity benchmarks. Unearth unparalleled intelligence on company practices and market dynamics.

Competitor Monitoring

With Toby, gain a clear edge by understanding where competitors hire, their talent trends, and salary benchmarks. Stay ahead in the talent acquisition race.

Data-Driven Decisions

Harness Toby’s extensive talent data to make strategic hiring moves. Rely on historical trends and real-time insights to optimize every recruitment choice.

Automated Outreach

Toby uses large language models to auto-generate impactful candidate outreach. Achieve unparalleled response rates for candidate outreach via email, LinkedIn, and phone.

Candidate Management

Efficiently track and manage your candidate outreach with Toby. Streamline your headhunting process, ensuring no talent slips through the cracks and every opportunity is maximized.

Talent Predictions

Harness Toby’s unique tenure prediction algorithm to identify top talent poised for career change. By analyzing historical hiring and market trends, we ensure you target candidates not just fit for the role but also motivated for movement.

Market Trends

Stay informed with Toby's real-time insights on hiring landscapes. Explore evolving market dynamics, salary benchmarks, and company practices to navigate the talent acquisition terrain with confidence.

Global Salary Insights

Dive deep into Toby's comprehensive salary data. Understand industry benchmarks, company standards, and evolving compensation trends to make informed and competitive offers.

Career Paths

Navigate the progression of roles with Toby's detailed career path insights. Identify potential candidates ready for their next step, optimizing both external recruitment and internal mobility.

Integration and connected apps

Toby integrates into your teams favourite tools to automatically generate talent intelligence reports and candidate predictions for every job opening you have!

Elevate your hiring skills

Transform from a recruiter to a strategic talent advisor with Toby. Leverage deep insights, predictions, and trends to guide hiring decisions and champion organizational growth.

"Using Toby has revolutionized our recruitment strategy. Its insights, predictions, and candidate management tools are unparalleled. Truly a game-changer in making informed and strategic hiring decisions."

Jordan A

Talent Acquisition Manager

"Toby's deep talent intelligence and career path insights have empowered us to target the right candidates at the right time. It's been transformative for our hiring process."

Alexa R

Senior HR Manager