About us

Toby is a SaaS company founded in Sydney. We use the best and most comprehensive talent data sets in order to give our clients powerful candidate predictions for their open job roles, detailed talent insights and powerful automated outreach generation.

Why Toby?

Transform your talent acquisition with Toby, your ultimate real-time talent intelligence platform. With over 7 years of collected public hiring data, our advanced prediction models deliver unparalleled insights for candidate predictions, salary benchmarks, career paths, and more. Elevate from recruiter to strategic talent advisor and make every hire count.

More Data

Toby has the largest repository of hiring data with over 20M Job Posts, 320M+ employees and 30M + companies.

Save on Job Ads

Access hidden motivated talent and save on redundant job boards.

Hire Better

Access better candidates, post more compelling salaries and retain staff with our detailed talent insights.